Aerial Photography Services in Delaware

Aerial photography is increasing in popularity with the increase of drone technology. But just owning a drone does not make you a good photographer, it makes you a drone owner. Let the professionals of DelMarVa Photography help you with your aerial photography in the Delaware and Maryland areas. Services could include:

  • Corporate or Building Photography
  • Pipe, chimney, roof, rain damage inspections
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Aerial Damage Photos
  • Rooftop Photography
  • Crop Inspections
  • Sporting Events
  • Special Events


New changes to regulations by the FAA (Aug 2016) require all drones over .55 pounds be registered and the operators of drones being used for commercial work, must be certified operators. Please ask anyone you are looking to hire if they meet those standards. 

Here are some restrictions that you need to review before hiring an aerial photographer:

  • Drone may not be flown directly over people or animals
  • Drone may not be flown over 400 feet
  • Drone may not be flown in certain locations and in restricted air spaces unless the pilot is certified and obtains clearance from the FAA ahead of time

You can read more about restrictions here,

If you and/or the pilot break any of these restrictions, you and your photographer could be liable for damages and legal action taken by the FAA.

We provide aerial photography in the following areas:

To see some samples of our aerial photography in Maryland and Delaware click here.

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